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Our relationship with our clients is what sets us apart.

Christopher Lafave

Mr. Wright came to our house and was very personal and professional.  My whole family, who was present, was impressed by Mr. Wright’s experience and knowledge of the personal injury field and immediately felt a level of trust.

He gave us his cell phone and was always available for questions and updates on the case.

Mr. Wright explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and was very up front.

While driving my motorcycle I was t-boned by another vehicle.  I was thrown several feet off my bike and landed on the hard pavement below, which resulted in severe injuries including permanent brain damage and an ability to walk only 10-15 feet before needing to retreat to a wheel chair. 

At the time of the accident, I was driving my motorcycle without liability insurance, and because of this, I was not entitled to any compensation for pain and suffering.  

However, Mr. Wright was able to recover compensation for my medical bills, future medical bills, loss of earnings, and future loss of earnings.  

Mr. Wright was able to recover the Insurance Policy Limits of $1,250,000.00 for me.

Mr. Wright is a super lawyer who I highly recommend. 

Marlene Bisson

I am an 86-year-old woman and broke my neck when I tripped over a cement stopper in the parking lot of Costco.  Although I had over $1 million in medical bills, my case was rejected by three attorneys, all of whom stated that I could not win on liability. 

Distraught and feeling hopeless, I was introduced to Mr. Wright by a family member whose case Mr. Wright handled in a very successful manner.  Finally someone had come to my rescue.

Mr. Wright, the fourth attorney, agreed to take my case and stated that he was confident he could find liability on Costco.
After over a year of intense litigation, Mr. Wright was able to prevail and not only did he get all my medical bills paid, but obtained a six figure settlement for me.

Mr. Wright did what three other attorneys were unable to do.  His creative theories of liabilities won the day for us.

He was always there for me, easy to reach and understand, and I always enjoyed speaking with him. 

Sonya Leon

I was rear ended by a drunk driver and Mr. Wright was able to obtain the $100,000.00 Insurance Policy Limits of the guy who rear ended me.  

After the criminal conviction of the DUI driver, Mr. Wright went into the criminal court and requested a hearing with the judge for attorney fees under the restitution stature mandated by Marcy’s Law.  Mr. Wright was able to successfully obtain a judgment against the defendant for my attorney fees.

This award from the criminal court for attorney fees was in addition to the $100,000.00 I received from the insurance company of the drunk driver.

The judge ordered the drunk driver to pay my attorney fees out of his own pocket.

Mr. Wright, who has been practicing for over 30 years, leaves no stone unturned and searches for any and all avenues in which to maximize your recovery, as evidenced by his creative use of the criminal courts, where many civil personal injury attorneys have no knowledge and or motivation to pursue.

After years of litigation experience representing corporate interests in personal injury and business cases, it's now my pleasure to lend a hand when needed to Tim Wright's practice representing injured individuals.

Mr. Wright combines sincere concern for the well being of his clients with wide-ranging knowledge and expertise refined through many years of practice in this field. I recommend him highly and very much enjoy contributing to the advancement of his clients' interests. 

Baker O. Terry Jr., Esq.

I am an attorney who specializes in Workers' Compensation matters and throughout the years,  I have referred over 70 personal injury clients to Mr. Wright, who has done a superb job for my clients, who are very pleased with his services.  

I highly recommend Mr. Wright for any and all of your personal injury matters. He is trustworthy, honest, and gets the job done. He is truly an expert in personal injury field.

Louis Bermeo, Esq.